Taking Stock – April

This month has just zoomed past me and all of a sudden we’re on the last day of April. I think I must be getting old, these are the things my mum used to say when I was younger. But I swear, this year has just barreled past at high-speed so far. Anyway, as always at the end of the month I do a taking stock post (as inspired by the lovely Pip at Meet Me At Mikes.) So here goes, this month I have been busy.

taking stock april

Making: juice/smoothies. I bought a Breville Blend-Active this month so we’ve been having all sorts of concoctions for breakfast. Today I had carrot, orange, apple and ginger. It was nice.

Cooking: not much. Our diet hasn’t been great this month, I guess that’s why we’ve been trying harder with the juicy breakfasts.

Drinking: all of the vegetables! Did you know you can drink red cabbage?

Reading: I’m still reading Paper Aeroplanes. I’ve been a slow reader this month.

Wanting: my hair to grow. I’d really love long, long hair. My hair tends to start growing outwards rather than down once it starts to hit my shoulder blades.

Looking: for inspiration for a new look. I feel like I need a summer update

Playing: slot games. We’ve got a brand new website that we’re building in work at the minute so I’ve been checking that the games we’ve been loading work ok.

Deciding: what I should do after I go back to school for a short course next month.

Wishing: that I could win the Euromillions.

Enjoying: the slightly better weather we’ve been having recently.

Waiting: to start enjoying running. It’s still a chore at the minute,

Liking: that my hair isn’t a boring colour anymore.

Wondering: what a good name would be.

Loving: our new Dyson Slim Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. I love it.

Pondering: holiday plans. It would be nice to get away.

Considering: if I could be my own boss.

Watching: Masterchef. I love it but I have a backlog to watch. Please don’t tell me who won!

Hoping: that things will start coming together.

Marvelling: at how much better I’m feeling about myself recently.

Needing: to start paying more attention to what I eat.

Smelling: Chloe. I don’t have much of this perfume left though but I’ve been wearing it everyday recently.

Wearing: black, black and more black. It doesn’t clash with my hair.

Following: the Nike+ Running app beginners coaching.

Noticing: that my skin is starting to get clearer.

Knowing: that Tom will like his birthday present.

Thinking: about the Blog Every Day In May challenge.

Admiring: Marie Forleo. I love her Tuesday Q&A videos.

Sorting: out a plan for the summer.

Buying: birthday presents.

Getting: excited to see Motion City Soundtrack on Monday.

Bookmarking: lots of self-help and business books I want to read.

Disliking: the trouble I’ve been having sleeping recently.

Opening: the windows because it’s been quite warm.

Giggling: at the The Fast And The Furious What Say You podcasts.

Feeling: a bit sleepy.

Snacking: on everything I can put my hands on recently.

Coveting: these black and leopard Adidas Stan Smiths.

Wishing: that I could see some people I haven’t seen for a while..

Hearing: more podcasts. I’ve been enjoying Distraction Pieces by Scroobius Pip mostly.

So that’s April in a nutshell for me. How was your April?



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