Britney Spears

Video Of The Week: Britney Spears – Slumber Party

I know, I know my last post was a music video too but that was Christmas and this is different because you know, it’s Britney, bitch!!! I couldn’t not share it, right?!

This is the second single from Britney’s ninth album. Ninth album! How did that actually happen? Like I swear it’s only like five years ago we were all copying her skipping around in school uniform singing Baby One More Time. *Edit: I just Googled it, that single came out in 1998. God, that makes me feel old! *cry face*

Anyway, yeah here’s the video for her new single, Slumber Party.

Do you love it? I love it. Britney will always be my Queen of Pop. I’d choose her over Beyoncé any day! Shocking right?

And remember, if Britney can survive 2007 you can make it through today.



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