Video Of The Week: Waterparks – Royal

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of an All Time Low fan. As much as I think that I’m way too old to be I just can’t seem to stop myself. Their cheeky, pop punk tunes keep reeling me in. All that’s great, Laura, but your video of the week isn’t from All Time Low and what exactly has all that got to do with Waterparks? I hear you shout. Ok ok maybe not shout, but you were thinking it, right?

Anyway, Waterparks are about to spend a good chunk of March on a UK tour with All Time Low. So if you happen to be heading out to one of them you’ll now know at least one Waterparks song too. You can thank me later!

Royal is Waterparks new single and is taken from their album, Double Dare, which is out now.

I’m really enjoying this single and am definitely going to be investing the band further. They remind of someone I used to listen to when I was younger but I can’t quite put my finger on who it is. If it comes to me I promise I’ll pop back and edit this post to add it in. It’s really bugging me. I like that it feels familiar but new at the same time and I’m sure that they’ll be incredibly well received on the tour this March.

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