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I’ve been to a few Judy’s Vintage Fairs in the past and come away with a couple of bits and bobs but mostly I just enjoy the mooch around. The Vintage Furniture Flea is my favourite but a couple of weekends ago Tom and I wandered down to our old stomping ground of Bethnal Green to have a look at the Vintage Kilo Sale.

I’ve never been to a kilo sale before and didn’t really know what to expect. When we arrived at about midday there was a lot of empty space on the rails so who knows what we’d missed out on. I guess the old adage of the early bird catching the worm is definitely true in this case.

The Vintage Kilo Sale

Despite all this though we managed to find a couple of gems (which I plan to share in another post soon.) You have to be ready to go digging at these sales as in amongst the rails are rummage bins full of all sorts of goodies. It’s in these bins I actually found my items. Also, people have a tendency to grab everything that takes their fancy then take all the items to the side of the room to inspect and try on. So it’s always worth a rummage through the piles on the floor too. You never know, someone may have just discarded a gem. As with all vintage clothing there was some that had pulls and marks on that I knew I couldn’t fix myself so a couple of items had to go back in the bin. *Sad face*

I think we got about five items in the end. Three for me and two for Tom, if I remember correctly. All in all it weighed a kilo and a half and cost us £20! What a brilliant bargain. I’m already excited for the next kilo sale and I’ll be making sure I’m there with the early birds next time.

Have you been shopping like this before? What do you think of it? Willing to give it a try?



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  1. Looks like it’s full of lots of treasures x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

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