Wedding Planning Update

I haven’t given you a wedding planning update in a while so I thought I’d do a quick round-up on how things are going.

I’ve really enjoyed every aspect of planning my wedding so much so that I recently completed a certificate in wedding planning. In fact I’m hoping that soon I might be able to do complete a diploma in event and wedding planning and styling which would be nice.

I (think) I’ve successfully avoided any Bridezilla moments so far. Hopefully, I’ll keep avoiding them too. But I guess you’d have to ask other people to see if I’m just deluding myself into think I’m not a crazy bride.


I have my first dress fitting in two weeks and which is exciting. Choosing my dress was one of the last things that I actually got done. Kind of important I know but so, so hard to pick. I had an idea of what I thought I wanted before I even started looking but didn’t want that to sway me. If that even makes sense. I didn’t want to dismiss anything without trying it on just because it wasn’t what the idea in my head was. What if I passed over my ideal dress because I’d become fixated on something that might not even actually exist?

People had told me that when I try on “the one” I’d know. I was expecting some kind of golden glow and a choir of angels singing or something to herald that this  was the dress. That never happened. I did feel amazing when I put it on though and it was pretty much like the idea I had in my head to begin with. I guess maybe you should trust your instincts after all. The hardest decision was what skirt I should have on the dress. There were three to choose from. One I ruled out straight away but I kept veering between the other two. It was a tough call but now I’m in love with my dress. Laura at Fur Coat No Knickers is awesome too and my two visits to their shop so far have been ace. They’re so lovely I’ll be sad when I don’t have to go back any more. I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for a wedding dress.

I can't show my actual dress until the day obviously.

I can’t show my actual dress until the day obviously.

I went a bit crazy over at Crown and Glory and ordered loads of pretty sparkly things for my bridesmaids hair. I pretty much want everything on this site as it is and am very jealous of the girls getting pretty sparkles. I may have bought myself a pair of super cute bunny ears to match them but whether I’ll actually take them to the wedding or just wear them as soon as they arrive is yet to be decided (I think they’re currently trapped at the post office and will be getting liberated on Saturday morning.) I definitely think I need more Crown and Glory goodness in my life and think this flower crown may have to be a pre-wedding present to me!

Whole Lotta Rosie Ice Cream Dream - £30

Whole Lotta Rosie Ice Cream Dream – £30

I think nearly all our invitations have been sent out now. They’ve gone out in batches depending on when we’ve seen people and when we’ve been in Hemel Hempstead or Liverpool. It’s been fun seeing people’s reactions to them. We really love them and we’re just over the moon that other people think they’re as ace as we do. My lovely friend Lol created them for us again,  just like our Save The Date postcards.

Wedding invitation

It took us a fair few nights of hole punching, knot tying and stickering to get them all made up into the invitation you see above but it was fun. Our dining table became our little work zone and Tom did the measuring and hole punching while I did the knot tying and stickering. Tom was then given the job of quality checking them and we know of two invitations, so far, that he missed. Annie Bean‘s had no knot in it and one of Tom’s friends’ had no RSVP card in it. Naughty Tom 😉

Our dining table is going to become a work zone again soon as we tie dancing shoes together and prepare the bags for our favours. I’m sure Tom is looking forward to us taking those tasks on!

Apart from these couple of little DIY things there isn’t much left that we can get on with now. I’m still looking for inspiration for our seating chart which I’m starting to focus on soon. Especially as our table name labels arrived from the printers today.

Every day I’m feel excited to see what the postman has brought us and every single one of those RSVP cards that come back makes my heart soar a little bit. Although the way it sinks to my feet when there isn’t one sitting in our post box at night is hard. I know there’s 5 more months until our big day but I’m impatient. I want it to come quicker and I want to know who else will be there! The more jobs I can do for it, the quicker the time goes past and those jobs are running out fast.

Got any ideas for a seating plan for me?



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  1. rachael says:

    Your wedding invitation is my favourite thing ever. So you! xx

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