100 Things That Make Me Happy (Part 2)

 I thought after part one of 100 things that make me happy it would take me ages to collect the next ten, but apparently not. It would seem that when I actually think about it I am quite a naturally happy person and some of the silliest things make me smile. Who knew?!

So, here we go with part two…

11. My cup of tea being the perfect temperature – A cup of tea, in general, is pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on my face but that moment when you reach for it and it’s exactly the perfect temperature is bliss. Nothing ruins my day quicker than forgetting I have a cup of tea and then grabbing it, only to get a mouthful of freezing cold liquid.

12. Catching up with friends – This is pretty self-explanatory, right? I don’t see my friends quite as often as I’d like. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes. So getting a chance to catch up and have a good gossip really puts a smile on my face.

13. Baking – I love baking. I find it really relaxing, well that is until it comes to decorating my cakes. I definitely need to practice that. They usually taste pretty good though. I’ve been expanding my baking repertoire recently too. I came second and third in a quiche off this weekend.

14. That moment when your nails are perfectly painted – I’m ridiculously clumsy, it’s true. There’s absolutely nothing graceful about me. I think that’s why this moment makes me so happy. It usually takes about 4 seconds from me finishing painting my nails to smudging them. If, by some miraculous intervention, I don’t do that give it an hour and one will be chipped. Why me?!

15. Chocolate – yummy! The end.

16. Crap telly – I mean proper trashy TV like the stuff MTV makes. You know; Catfish, Teen Mom, that sort of thing. I also mean pretty rubbish TV like Border Patrol and Storage Wars. Oh and I bloody love Made In Chelsea.

17 . Toast – Sometimes there is nothing better than a lovely buttery piece of toast. It’s so comforting. Somehow my dad has developed the skill to make the perfect piece of toast. It’s like a superpower.

18. Cheesy pop music – This was cemented into my happy list on Sunday when Steph and I spent the day at Hyde Park. Backstreet Boys and McBusted, yep we danced, jumped and sang our hearts out. It was officially the best day of my life. EVER!

19. Sunshine – Not even the sun necessarily just not rain is all it takes to brighten my mood. Although when I’m curled up inside in the winter I love the sound of he pouring down rain, a bit of sunshine really lifts the spirits.

20. Being called princess – This might sound a bit odd to some people but it really brightens my day when the man who works at Canning Town station calls me princess. Whether I see him on my morning drudge to the office or on my way home, a quick “Morning/Evening Princess!” brightens my day. I know he says it to all the girls, I’m not trying to make out I’m special but just the acknowledgement makes me smile. Maybe I just miss the North were strangers don’t think it’s weird to speak to each other or acknowledge their existence.

Anyway, there we go with round two.

Let me know if any of these make you happy or if there’s anything you disagree with.



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  1. Constance says:

    We shared almost everything! There is nothing better on Sunday that a cup of tea and a playlist full of cheesy pop music for me.

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