Antenatal classes: Should I go?

After telling you about how the midwife I’ve seen at my last few appointments scares me a bit I made Tom come with me to my last appointment. He was fully prepped with stories about she unnerves me just that little bit that it makes any questions I may ever had just fall out of my head. Then we walked in and saw a completely different midwife who was completely lovely, not at all scary and everything the other one isn’t. She also gave me a form to sign up for NHS antenatal classes. She not so subtly hinted that it would answer all my questions, I think she noticed the list Tom had written down and brought in with us.

A couple of days later I got a phone call from the office to get me booked on my antenatal course. The conversation went something like this:

Her – “Hi, you filled in a form about antenatal classes and said you’d prefer evenings, is that right?”

Me – “Hiya, yeah that’s right.”

Her – “OK, we have two evening courses before your due date in April.”

*long pause*

Her – “But you can’t go on either of them because they’re full.”

Me – “Oh OK.”

Her – “You said Saturdays were good for you too.”

Me – “Yeah I can do Saturdays.”

Her – “Yeah, that class is full too so you can’t go to that.”

Me – “Right, OK.”

Her – “We do have two-day intensive courses during the week though, I can put you on one of them.”

Me – “I can’t do that though, I work full-time.”

Her – “You work?”

Me – “Yes.”

Her – “Oh, well I can put you on the waiting list for the others if you want then but I doubt anyone will cancel.”

Me – “That would be great, thanks.”

Her – “Fine. Bye then.”

*hangs up on me before I can reply*

Nice, right?

After this exchange I started thinking about the few people I’d spoken to that had recently had babies and a lot of them did recommend NCT classes to me. So I started Googling it. I found one local to us for mid-April to May babies and emailed off for more information. I knew you had to pay for NCT classes but I wasn’t expecting them to be £200! Surely, that’s an awful lot of money when we already have so much stuff we need to pay out for with the impending arrival of a new baby.

I’ve been backwards and forwards about whether I really want to go to antenatal classes. I mean they will probably provide me with all the answers I wanted my midwife to give me without actually asking her any questions but the thought of it is unnerving me no end. I guess it’s just a new situation and they always make me nervous. It’s only ten hours and Tom will be with me. I’m sure it’ll all be worthwhile in the end, right?

**EDIT** Since I started writing this blog post I have actually signed me and Tom up for the NCT antenatal classes. We start on 23rd February for five weeks. Wish us luck! **EDIT**

Did you go to antenatal classes of any kind? Do you think they were worth it? What should I be looking out for and what questions should I ask? Let me know below… please!



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