Breakin’ Escape Rooms

When I left Lady Chastity’s Escape Room I said I was excited to do another one. I just didn’t expect it to be this soon afterwards!

This time I was heading to Islington and Breakin’ Escape Rooms*. This was a whole different set up to my previous encounter. It was a space dedicated to escape rooms. In fact, it has six differently themed rooms of varying difficulty.

butchers liar escape rooms

The Butcher’s Liar

The room we were taking on was called The Butcher’s Liar and was about a level 6 on difficulty (I’m pretty sure that’s what he said anyway) and has a 60% escape rate.

The Lair had a pretty gruesome storyline and looked a bit like that room in the first Saw movie where the guy is attached to the wall and cuts off his foot. You know what I mean, all white tiles and blood spatter. Anyway, we had to try and escape before evil Dr Vladimir Knifesblade returned to his laboratory and made us into his dinner.

creepy escape rooms

Can we make it out alive?

Some of the clues were really hard going and had us stumped for a while. Luckily though we had a walkie-talkie to connect us to the outside world and to gain access to a handy hint or two.

Annoyingly, we got one of the clues wrong and got five minutes knocked off our time meaning we never actually managed to solve the final puzzle before our time ran out. We did crack it though and had we not made that earlier slip up we’d have been out with about three minutes to spare.

Not all escape rooms are created equal

This was a totally different experience to the one I had in Farringdon but was fun all the same. The tough challenges really made me think and the horror theme was cool. But it doesn’t stop me being annoyed that we didn’t beat the clock.

Big thanks to Jo and Love Pop Ups London for inviting me along.

*I was a guest of Breakin’ Escape Rooms for review purposes. All thoughts and words are my own*

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