February – As It Was

I’m going to work on getting these closer to the beginning of the month. I’m going to use them as a little round-up of the month before and scatter them with, probably completely unrelated, photos from my phone. Sound good? Cool!

After January being the longest month in the history of the world ever. February flew by in a heartbeat. I kind of feel like I blinked and missed it. Yet somehow the beginning of it seems like so long ago.

February Started Strong

I started February in Manchester. It was the Roller Derby World Cup and my happy place. I was surrounded by some of the best people and involved in something I love so much. Plus I dressed up as a Spice Girl for the final day. If you get a chance please watch (at least, some) of it on YouTube. It’s so exciting. Then, you know, go and support local roller derby!

With the World Cup being in Manchester I got to spend some time at home with my parents. I always enjoy being spoilt by them. Yes, I’m still a child when I go back there. Also, my trip home was topped off by a visit from my bestest of the bestest and her gorge little family.

Working My Way Through My List

I managed to get a few more ticks on the 35 before 35 list too.

My once a month flower habit is going well. I went crazy and bought myself flowers twice in February! These gorgeous tulips, which I’m pretty sure are my favourite flower and a bunch of daffodils because who doesn’t want a dash of spring in their house?!

I ticked off gig one of twelve in February too when I went to see Bowling For Soup in Nottingham. I was up there overnight for work so it would be rude not to see them as they were there on the same night, right?

I also slid in a date with Tom! I know right! We were supposed to be going to skating practice but ditched it and went for brunch instead. We I decided it was a better use of our time and we needed to take advantage of having Aunty Faye babysit for us. It felt pretty naughty but tasted oh so good! I love The Breakfast Club.

In January’s roundup, I got all over excited about escape rooms. I never managed to fit one in in February. But I’ve just ticked one off in March and I have another pencilled in already so maybe I can catch up.

I did, however, miss February’s baking opportunity. So I’m hoping I can squeeze two into another month and catch up. That works, right? I did tick off a book from my twelve I’ve challenged myself to read this year though… so swings and roundabouts.

February was a busy month all in all. I even squeezed in a brewery tour and managed to save the world from Moriarty! So although it seemed to fly past at the speed of light I certainly packed a lot in!

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  • full name klaxon yeah I hardly ever call the girls
  • On Saturday I actually put something on that wasnt dungarees
  • These flowers are on all the railings at the crossroads
  • This little squidge isnt quite as happy as this today




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