January In A Nutshell

Well, January was a bit of a funny old one, wasn’t it? I, for one, am happy to see it leave and somehow we are magically a week into February already. I’m struggling with 2018 and its weird feeling times. January was the longest month in the history of the world ever and February seems to have rocketed by at high speed to make up for it.

As I mentioned in another post I really didn’t get fully on board the new year train as it was leaving the station. I was hoping I’d be able to catch up with it but that never happened. It’s really only now that I’m starting to feel a bit more “me” again. Even if, right at this moment, that “me” is full of cold! I’m not happy about it and very much blaming it on Stu that I sit next to at work. I was back in the office for one day after two weeks away and bam! Grrrr.

January wasn’t too bad

As much as I’ve moaned about January though, it wasn’t really that bad at all. I ticked off parts of my 35 before 35 list. Not fully completed tasks but a couple have monthly steps and I’m on top of them. I bought myself some flowers and I baked these healthy cookies.

I also tried my first escape room which was swiftly followed by my second. I’m now starting to wonder how many I can do in a year. Do you think there’s some sort of record? I’ll have to try and scope a new one out for February.

I also got to (very belatedly) celebrate my birthday in January too. I went for brunch and drinks with a lovely group of friends that succeeded in making me feel pretty loved. If any of you are reading this I really appreciate you all coming out on a cold Sunday morning just for me. Thank you.

So, as much as while it was here I thought January was horrendous (including a couple of hospital trips). I guess it wasn’t all that bad really. Still, I’m glad it’s over.



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