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As I may have mentioned before we have finally, finally got the keys to our new house. I absolutely can’t wait to get in there and try to get settled. The thing is, as much as I love our furniture and stuff in this flat I know I’m going to want to change things in our new surroundings which I’m sure is going to be expensive and time-consuming. Definitely an ongoing project.

One of the first rooms I want to get sorted though is Cece’s room. She’s never had a proper room of her own in this place. She slept in our room until she was seven months old and when she moved out of her Snuzpod next to our bed and into her big cot it was just at the end of our rather odd-shaped spare room. I bought a few bits to put together a nice space for her but then we never did anything with them because we decided to move and I wanted to keep them all fresh for her new room.

The other day, I was going through all of the stuff that I’d stashed getting it ready to pack and I found these awesome unicorn twinkle lights* from Totally Funky. They are alternating clear rainbows and pink unicorns and are super cute. Also, they’re battery-powered so I’m not limited to plug spaces when I’m trying to choose where to put them. I was thinking I’ll probably put them on the wall over her cot. I also have a pastel word banner that I’m thinking of putting up there too so I think they’ll look nice hung together. I think I’m going to paint her room a muted yellow colour and use pastel coloured accessories to add some colour into it. So the pink unicorns will fit in perfectly with it. It makes me happy that even as she grows up I can just move them around her room as they’re not particularly childish at all. In fact, I’d have them in our living room if I thought Tom would let me!

I’m loving the whimsical, unicorn themed products that seem to be available everywhere at the minute. It adds a cute touch of fun to your surroundings and if you’re after some unicorn shaped inspiration why not check out Totally Funky? I’m already eyeing up the colour changing mug and I think the unicorn nightlight would match these fairy lights in Cece’s room brilliantly.

If you’re at all interested in seeing what her bedroom is like when I’ve managed to get it finished let me know and I’ll do a little tour for you.


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