100 Things That Make Me Happy (Part 5)

We’re now halfway there in the list of things that makes me happy! I’m starting to wonder if I’m repeating myself too. I hope not. I did have a full list of all 50 items so far in my notebook but it was in my handbag that got stolen a few weeks ago. Which is annoying. If you want to go back and check if I’ve said any of these things before you can find part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4 on these links.


41. CSI and NCIS – These programmes were pretty much on a never-ending cycle when we were in Mexico. Well, on the English-speaking channels anyway. So when we went back to our room for a nap before we got ready to go out for dinner we’d end up watching them. I’m now obsessed.

42. Sunsets – The colours are just so pretty.

43. Afternoon naps – I love an afternoon nap. You just have to make sure it’s not too long.

44. Hot water bottles – I’m always cold but even if I’m not hot water bottles are ace. They’re just so comforting and make me think of the hot water bottle queen herself, Hannah Byrne (my best friend is obsessed with them!)

45. Laughing – OK this is pretty self-explanatory but I mean those time when you laugh so hard you cry, when you can’t stop laughing because the more you try to calm yourself down, the funnier it seems. Proper good belly laughs.

46. Christmas – What is there to not love about Christmas? Good food, all of the cheese, all of the wine, the people you love and presents. Sounds like a winner to me.

47. Candles – I love the pretty flickering light they give off and I’m even more of a fan if they happen to make the room smell nice too. We always have a scented candle on our coffee table in the living room.

48. Netflix – Binge watching box sets in bed. Yes please!

49. Fairy lights – Pretty much the only lights I’d use if I was allowed. LOVE THEM.

50 . Tapas – Any meal where you can have loads of different things and not have to make a proper decision is A-OK in my book.

Half way through my happy list. What do you think?



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  • On Saturday I actually put something on that wasnt dungarees
  • These flowers are on all the railings at the crossroads
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