Life Last Month – June

Where has June gone? How is it July already? Where is all the time going? This year just seems to be barrelling past me at top speed and just as I think I’m getting my shit together another month has zoomed by and I’m still standing still. I could do with a big old pause button. I just need a day or two to catch up and then maybe¬†a week of holiday ūüôā

Anyway, June. June was another busy one. It was jam-packed¬†with birthdays. Starting with a night of bowling and karaoke for my friend Gerry’s birthday and ending with a lovely day full of family for Tom’s brother Sam’s 30th birthday. In between these were my mum and my dad’s birthday, Tom’s sister Faye’s birthday, Tom’s grandma Ruth’s birthday and Father’s Day too. June is always full of celebrations.

Lojo in The Cauldron

I did a few exciting things too.¬†I tested my potion making skills when I visited The Cauldron. It was a little bit of style over substance, in that I very much enjoyed the experience but wasn’t too keen on the cocktails. I know right, me not enjoying cocktails! Who’d have thought the day would ever come?

I spent a week on a boat cruising along the Thames with my family. The weather was so nice and some of the places we went through were so quiet and green you could have forgotten where you were. It was really nice. There were trips to quaint, country pubs and a lot of laughs playing games. Plus Cece became obsessed with feeding the ducks. We must have gone through about seven packets of duck food. She was brave though. A goose walked up to her while she was throwing the food on the river and she shouted at it. She told it that it was being naughty for not being on the water!

I had the chance to live out all my Jurassic Park dreams. I travelled back in time 67 million years to see them roaming around at TImeBase 67. It was an incredible morning seeing Dinosaurs In The Wild.

us at somnai

I had a crazy evening at a sleep clinic to experience Somnai. My first foray into immersive theatre and it was coupled with VR. It was a wild ride and felt like being thrown into an episode of Black Mirror.

we beat the witchcraft and wizardry escape room

Because¬†I didn’t have enough of playing with magic at The Cauldron. I also went back to Escape London to try their Witchcraft and Wizardry¬†escape room. It was one of the most fun rooms I’ve done, even though it wasn’t one of the most difficult. But we did manage to set a new room record.

I also got to tick off two more of my 35 before 35. Tom and I went on a date to see Flight Of The Conchords together at the O2. I’m so happy that I finally got to see them. I bought these tickets for Tom for Christmas. Then Bret broke his finger so the tour had to be rescheduled. It may have taken us over an hour and a half to get out of the car park but I didn’t even care.

I’ve started trying to get more involved in the roller derby world.¬†And for those times when I can’t skate, I decided I want to get more involved with officiating. There was a closed door bout between my league’s Wreck Team and Team Unicorn recently so I signed myself up as an NSO (non-skating official). I took my usual place as a penalty timer although I am hoping to stretch myself a bit and try a few new positions soon.

I also flexed my baking skills and knocked up a coffee and chocolate custard tart for the Big London Bake. My dreams of baking in a tent came true and I took part in a bake off competition down in Tooting. I won’t say how I did, I’ll leave that to the actual blog post.

July is slightly less busy than June, thankfully. I’ve got some goals I want to hit in July so it’s nice to have some time to give them a try.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Fun filled indeed and I am glad most was via me here is too many more with you x

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